MRC/BHF Research Grant

Cell matrix biology of the vascular progenitor cell niche 2011-2014 with Prof Cay Kielty (PI), Prof. Ann Canfield, Prof. Tony Whetton and Prof. Ludwig Neyses.


Stem cell fractionation using interactions with artificial matrices EP/H046070/1 With Prof. N. Goddard (PI), Prof. P. Fielden, Dr S. Eichhorn, Prof. C.Kielty, Prof.A. Day, Dr C. Ward 15/09/10 to 15/09/14.

EPSRC KTA concept and feasibility study (March 2011-September 2011) with Orla Protein Technologies.

EPSRC KTA concept and feasibility study (October 2011-April 2012) '3D scaffolds for stem cell cuture from marine biomaterials' with GlycoMar, Dr Steve Eichhorn and Dr Julie Gough.

Follow on fund (EP/J013854/1) Self assembling peptide hydrogels for stem cell culture.

Leverhulme International Travel Fellowship (to Dr Merry)

EPSRC & MRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Regenerative Medicine (Kielty PI, Dr Merry is a co-supervisor)

UK Regenerative Medicine Platform Co-Partner “Engineering and exploiting the stem cell niche”

Medical Research Council (MRC) Equipment Fund Regenerative medicine instrumentation (used to purchase a CellJet printer)

University of Manchester Intellectual Property Company (UMIP) Proof of Principle Fund

MRC New Investigator Research Grant

Exploiting Sugar Pattern Evolution. 06/08-05/11.

Human Frontiers Scientific Programme

Designing molecular hydrogels to control and direct cell behaviour 09/08-08/11. Co-grant holders R Ulin, CLRM and B Xu.

FP7-Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies

Bioactive highly porous and injectable scaffolds controlling stem cell recruitment, proliferation and differentiation and enabling angiogenesis for cardiovascular engineered tissues. Multicentre grant 09/08-08/13 Co-grant holders (at U of M) A Saiani, CLRM and A Miller.

BBSRC Tools and Resources Fund

Optimising Inkjet Printing for Research in the Life Sciences: 09/09-08/10 Co-grant holders B Derby, CLRM and J Gough.

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